From high-profile companies to local landlords and tenants, Integrated Design serves their clients as a digital design and construction expert. Our skills are developed through a tireless work ethic cultivated from years of on-site construction experience.

Established in Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and India. Our client’s needs are covered across the globe, around the clock.

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BIM Engineer

DIGITAL engineering

BIM capable Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing engineers are in high-demand. Integrated Design’s unique workflows, processes and integrations are a grade above.

Each engineer is tooled to extrapolate the benefits in 3D BIM design, construction and asset management. They close the gap between the site and the office to maximize benefits of digital delivery.

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BIM coordinator


A well-versed team of aspiring designers and engineers are identifying and resolving design and construction issues between clients, consultants and contractors daily. The messengers of the BIM-world are equipped and available to resolve issues between multiple parties at any project stage.

With coordinators, digital delivery is far more collaborative and much-more transparent to project stakeholders.

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BIM Modeller


A digital asset must be generated.

Integrated Design’s wholly-owned subsidiary office and on-site teams create robust 3D, Data-Rich BIM Models. We have an extensive track-record of world-class assets delivered and built across the globe.

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BIM Developer


Building INFORMATION Management is critical to both the delivery of a project and the operation of the newly constructed asset. Our team of digital experts create and curate data to inform and manage the built environment.

We produce AM/FM compliant models with integration to leading BMS/CMMS/AM tools and processes.

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